The DWCC is a new monastic community of neighbours and friends who are committed to the ongoing renewal of downtown Windsor. At the centre of our community is a way of life that is focused on our love for God, our love for one another, and our love for our neighbours. Our desire is to see Windsor be a good place to grow up and a good place to grow old, and we pursue collaboration with anyone who shares that vision. We will work toward this by creating and supporting loving community at the neighbourhood level, where everyone has a chance to be valued and a place to belong.

is rooted in a covenant of place-based values and practices. It is focused on small and incremental steps toward the alternative vision we long to see in our city. Our covenant has three primary focal points: our love for God, our love for one another, and our love for our neighbours. These find their roots in the words of Jesus in Matthew 22. 

is a way of saying we are rooted and tethered to a particular neighbourhood in the parish. Our downtown parish spans four square kilometres and is home to approximately 16,000 people. The parish includes several diverse neighbourhoods within the boundary markers of Giles, the Detroit River, Caron / the railroad tracks, and Howard. By committing to these parish boundaries, we live into the restrictions and benefits of limitation. 

  • Our local parks and playgrounds bring the neighbourhoods together through community gardens, barrier free sports, and community events.

We’re about creating a supporting loving community. This happens through a variety of activities and structures. Our place based way of life involves creating and supporting community at the neighbourhood level, helping people move out of isolation and into meaningful community life. Many of our activities are designed to help people move from being strangers to friendship. We visualize this as a series of concentric circles that are open and inviting. Our place-based values and practices are at the centre of our life together, and those who commit to our way of life in the parish are covenant members. The next circle out are companions. These are people who do not live in the parish, but they participate by being actively involved in their own parish, or by coming alongside other covenant members in supportive relationship.

Beyond companions are our friends. Friends of the DWCC might live downtown, or they might be aspirational about our way of life. They might be curious about our community. Our friends have yet to covenant with us, and we happily embrace their friendship and their support in the work of creating and supporting loving community at the neighbourhood level. 

Finally, we look to a relational spectrum (people moving from stranger to familiar to acquaintance to friend) to help us make sense of activities and relationships that allow people to move from isolation into community, with the hope that they can be valued and find a place to belong.