Leaning into Asset-Based Community Development principles, the DWCC has long been striving to see neighbourhoods through a lens of abundance instead of scarcity. There are assets and gifts in every neighbourhood, and Glengarry is no exception. The Glengarry Community Pantry was created as a response to COVID19 and food security challenges in the Glengarry neighbourhood. It is a partnership of CommUnity Partnership (CUP), the Windsor Essex Community Housing Corporation (CHC), the DWCC, and most importantly, resident leaders in the Glengarry neighbourhood.

The pantry is a space in the Glengarry neighbourhood located in 395 University Ave. E. where neighbours can access food on a weekly basis, helping to fill the gaps and provide much needed groceries. Our hope for the Glengarry Community Pantry is that it will grow into a sharing or cooperative model, moving from a hand-out food bank model to one where participation and involvement helps provide opportunity for neighbours to access hard to come by items like meat, dairy, and fresh produce.

There have been so many community partners that have helped us resource the pantry. The good people of CUP and CHC have been instrumental in providing on the ground supports to residents. Many churches (New Song, All Saints Anglican, LSA, Windsor Christian Fellowship, Exchange) have provided food and supports to the pantry. None of this would happen without our team of neighbours: Isabella, Adrienne, Roger, and Tom, supported by our peer support worker Hughie.