The DWCC is led by neighbours who live in our downtown parish. On occasion we will have someone on our leadership who doesn’t live downtown; they are likely an expert member of our board. This team is a mix of our board of directors and our staff.

consists of eight members with the following roles: president, treasurer, secretary, ‘up’ committee chair, ‘in’ committee chair, ‘out’ committee chair, and a pair of co-directors in ex-officio roles.

Francis Oliver, President of the Board *
Martin de la Orden, Treasurer of the Board
Brandon Boldt, Secretary of the Board
Nathanael Hope, ‘Up’ Committee Chair
Kathleen Cameron, ‘In’ Committee Chair
Emily Coupland, ‘Out’ Committee Chair
*acting Chair of the Board

Bob Cameron, Co-Director, Ex-Officio Member
Steve Coupland, Co-Director, Ex-Officio Member

To reach a member of our board, please email [email protected].

help us to make decisions in a collaborative manner. We have three committees that each focus on a different aspect of our mission, each described as a different trajectory of love. ‘Up’ refers to our love for God, and all of the practices and activities that are part of that. ‘In’ refers to our love for each other in the DWCC community, and all of the practices and activities that go with that. ‘Out’ refers to our love incarnated in the neighbourhood, and all of the practices and activities that are part of that.

take the lead from our board to help us create and support loving community at the neighbourhood level. We have had the privilege of having so many dynamic and innovative staff members over our ten year history. We currently have three staff: Bob Cameron, Hughie Carpenter, and Steve Coupland.

is a neighbour, a catalyst, a connector, and our visionary lead. He is a husband, a father of four adult daughters, and a known character in his neighbourhood. He’s a man full of inspiring ideas, a love for his neighbours, and a joy like no other. From alley parties to soccer in the park, breakfast club to walking his neighbourhood, Bob is always found in the crowd, bringing laughter to his friends. He is a catalyst of ideas, a connector of people, and he’s the visionary leader of the DWCC. 
519-903-7629 [email protected]

is a neighbour, a peer support worker, an advocate, and our Glengarry lead. He is a father of two adult boys, a talented musician, and the leader of the Glengarry Community Lighthouse. As someone who has worked hard to overcome and heal from a hard past, he’s a gifted peer support worker who is respected by his neighbours and friends in the community. He’s got a servant heart, leading by example, and you can find him tending to the Glengarry community garden, organizing the Glengarry Community Pantry, or helping a neighbour clean their apartment. 
226-246-1714 [email protected]

is a neighbour, a curator, a liturgist, and our operational lead. He is a husband, a father of four young kids, and he can often be found supporting others from behind the scenes. He’s a details guy with a keen eye, and he helps create and curate space and life-giving liturgy for the community. He’s a lover of food and good coffee, someone who is always learning new skills, and he’s our in-house designer and videographer. He’s a communicator of ideas, and he’s the operational leader of the DWCC. 
519-464-3615 [email protected]