COVID Response

Covid-19 has had an impact on community organizing. So much of what we do is about bringing neighbours together, and that is difficult to do in this pandemic. We are still striving to find creative ways to bring people together, but in ways that are safe for everyone. Below is a letter from Bob Cameron and the guidelines we’re following for DWCC gatherings.

Dear friends,

These past months of Covid-19 have significantly affected how we love one another. We are a family that strives to bring people together through creative means in our neighbourhoods, and the virus has confronted the ways we have done this for ten years. A healthy signal of loving one another is how we care for the most vulnerable in our midst. So we have limited the way we gathered physically. We don’t want to harm anyone in our family or in our community by being un-cautious. So as we and the whole country learn of the significance of Covid-19 we step carefully into gathering again. We long to be in each other’s presence and we balance that with discretion.

Our board has prepared this document to give us direction for gathering together. If the government senses we need to limit how we gather because the virus explodes on the scene again, we will adapt. We are learning new ways to love one another, improvising in all the disruptions, and being a model for
our city – “behold how they love one another”. But our foundation, our bedrock is that God is moving all creation to reconciliation with him and with one another. And we trust that he will give us the wisdom and the creativity to innovate.

Bob Cameron

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