Finding Freedom

Volunteers and leadings of Finding Freedom at an orientation night.

It was during our halftime cigarette and coffee break. I was shooting the breeze with a new participant in our Friday evening finding freedom. They said to me “I’ve been through several different programs dealing with my addiction but this makes so much sense.’

What they were referring to was the engine of trauma experienced in the early years that has a cascading effect on the choices we make and why we do what we do. The apostle Paul could have been thinking of finding freedom when he said “I do what I don’t want to do and what I want to do I can’t do”.

Finding Freedom is a weekly evening of music and discussion focused on trauma and its effect on our choices by looking at both neuroscience and Scripture. As a safe place, it is a space for finding healing and peer friendships on our journey to recovery and freedom. During the first half of the evening we look at the science of trauma and its impact on the brain. Then in the second half we explore the scriptures through the lens of trauma.

Further details can be found on our Facebook page Finding Freedom Windsor.